2018 Year in Review

In 7 years of this blog, I have only missed one “Year in Review” and that was last year. I also didn’t write a goals post, so we don’t have to talk about how far I got with my goals. There were a lot of things going on at the beginning of 2018, as life tends to do: lingering job burnout (from a job I had just quit), health problems (exacerbated and ignored because of that job), the loss of a friend to suicide and the subsequent feelings of instability and depression that occurs related to all of the above.  I just DID NOT HAVE IT IN ME to do much besides trying to pretend I wasn’t completely falling apart. You ever have those days/months/years? I think you might. Unfortunately, I think this is just life… for a lot of people. In the midst of it all, we just try to hang on to the people and things that we love. Luckily, I have an abundance of both.

Rake and Make’s 2018 Year in Pictures

The thing about times of crisis is that it makes me appreciate the quiet times even more. I’m also very grateful for the gardening and sewing communities that I have found. The common thread between both communities is that they are both full of warm, kind, curious, and intelligent people. I feel very lucky that I have outlets that allow me to share the things I am passionate about and also be inspired to keep learning and trying new things. Here are just a few of the highlights of things I got to do this year as a result of these communities.

March 2018: Taught “Seed Starting” with The Works Seattle.

April 2018: The Seattlesews Garment Sewing Group started meeting.

April 2018: Taught “Gardens for Preserving” with The Works Seattle.

October 2018: Took Dressmaking at Camp Workroom Social

October 2018: Helped plan Seattle Frocktails with my new pals from the Seattlesews Garment Sewing Group

2018 Makes

Cotton and Steel Garden Apron
Calligraphy Cardigan
Polka Dot Chambray Archer Button Up
Matt’s Birthday Negroni #2
Nautical Birthday Emery Dress
Red Plaid Carolyn Pajamas
Ellsworth Coat
Clarke Pullover
Victory Patterns Chloe Dress

People say sewing is therapy and I truly believe it. For me it’s more than sewing, it’s anything that allows me to get lost in a project, to feel the satisfaction of finishing a garment or growing my own food and knowing that I am responsible for that. Author Kristi Coulter talks about it in her book Nothing Good Can Come From This as feeling “Useful”.  It’s also the people. I not only have the space and means to pursue my crafts, but the community that goes with it.

Going into 2019, I am starting the year feeling a lot better. I have been fortunate enough to be able to take the space I needed to get my health in order and reduce my stress level and that means A LOT. I miss my friend and think about her often, so I’ll end with this powerful graphic that was created for her memorial. This picture hangs on the wall in my studio, because it felt like the right place to put it. I think she would like it there and I like having it there too. She lives on in the community of friends and family that cling to her memory and each other.


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