Calligraphy Cardigan

follow url Drumroll please! My Calligraphy Cardigan is finally finished! I felt like it took me two years to knit this sweater -which was actually my estimate of how long it would take to knit, since I am a slow knitter- but it actually only took a little over a year. It was SO MUCH stockinette to knit. It was totally worth it though and I knew it would be. I am going to wear this sweater ALL THE TIME. Buying Diazepam Online Pattern- Calligraphy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

see url This pattern is from Hannah Fettig’s book Home & Away and all of the photos in that book were shot in Maine and are so georgous. Being from that area originally, I know how beautiful it is, so any photos with the East Coast as the location make me super nostalgic. I wanted to transport myself into these photos via this sweater (and her model’s whole outfit for that matter) and I think I kind of succeeded! Yarn- Quince & Co. Chickadee in kittywake

follow I have accepted the fact that I am often not very creative and knit sweaters in a similar color as in the pattern photos. I’m just done with knitting (and sewing) things in crazy colors and patterns that I won’t actually wear. Plus, I had been needing a longer gray sweater to go with my Archer Button Up and Ginger Jeans. I mean, c’mon, is this outfit great or what? It’s kind of the outfit of my dreams.

Buy Diazepam Online India There are instructions for knitting from the top down or seaming. This was the 4th sweater I have knit and I have avoided having to seam any of them so far, because it does not sound like very much fun. The obvious choice for me was to knit this from the top down.

go to link Every time I knit something, I learn something new and this was first time I had done a one row button hole (for bigger buttons) instead of a simple yarn over buttonhole. It gave me a little bit of trouble at first, but I eventually figured it out (thanks to YouTube) and I like how it turned out!

source The final step was buttons and I toyed with the idea of wood buttons, but I often like to go with buttons in a matching color. I have a stash of vintage buttons, but could only find one gray button that was the right size. That was enough to make me set on gray buttons and as it turns out, larger (over 1″) gray buttons are kind of hard to find. I tried a few places in town and online, before I finally found these buttons at Seattle Yarn.  They’re a little warmer (on the brown tone side of gray) than I wanted, but I think they work just fine.

So much stockinette.

go Sorry co-workers, you are going to see me in this outfit a lot, because I worked so hard on it, waited so long to finish it and love how it turned out. It’s all just so comfy!

click Okay, maybe this knitting thing has gotten out of control a little bit, but man am I warm and cozy! 😉

knit explosion: all the knits at once!

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