Cotton and Steel Garden Apron

As I write this post, it’s a fairly typical rainy and windy Seattle day. I don’t mind this time of year because this is when I can stay indoors and sew and knit (and not feel guilty about it). It’s also when I can take time to plan ahead for the upcoming gardening season. You can read my posts about garden planning, seed ordering and seed starting to see what kind of planning and getting ready I usually do this time of year, but this year I am getting ready for gardening by making myself a garden apron!

Pattern: from One Yard Wonders

Fabric: Cotton and Steel Melody Miller Picnic Baskets Neutral

As you can see it has tool loops and plenty of pockets. This will come in handy for carrying around things like my hand trowel and seed packets and save me a lot of walking back and forth to get things. The top pocket has a few small, thin pockets in the middle for holding things like pens or pencils for scribbling in your garden journal or writing on seed markers. If you are nerdy like me and have one, it could also hold a soil thermometer (pictured above).

I am such a sucker for Cotton and Steel fabric and felt like the picnic theme worked well for a gardening apron. I’m going to feel so put together, stylish and prepared when I am gardening in it!

In closing, here is a silly picture that looks like I am juggling aragula (potential  band name?).  Don’t worry, no aragula was hurt (or wasted) in this photo shoot. 😉

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