I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes the new year is just the push I need to do the things I’ve been thinking about for a while. The rainy, dark winters in Seattle can make getting motivated challenging and the last few months of 2016 were especially tough. I needed to get out of the rut I was in, so I decided to participate in two New Year’s events through my gym; a Whole30/Reset and a fitness challenge. I also… Read more »

Happy New Year! Wait, what? It’s February, I know, but due to too many New Year’s resolutions (Whole30, a fitness challenge and getting back into ukulele lessons), this is the first chance I’ve had to do a “Year in Review” post. I have written a Year in Review post every year since I started blogging as Rake and Make, so I can’t break with tradition, can I? Honestly, I am heading into my fifth year of this blog and I’ve thought about shutting it down, but… Read more »

Happy post Thanksgiving weekend! Hope you all had a good one. I spent Thanksgiving day with friends, talking about how especially thankful we are (post-election) to have each other and to live in our little progressive bubble of the Pacific Northwest. I probably shouldn’t say “progressive bubble” and not say that we also talked about how we can’t be content to live in a bubble anymore and how it’s time for action. By saying that, it probably goes without saying that I voted for… Read more »

Hello! I’m still trying to get my back log of completed projects posted and am especially behind on knitting projects! This is the Brooklynn Tweed Bray Cap in Shelter that I finished back in March. See the lovely Lilac tree in the background? Everything is dead and rain soaked in my yard at the moment, so this makes me happy to look at now. In fact, I should be out cleaning up the garden and planting garlic right now. It’s so cold and cruddy… Read more »

I’m happy to say, I have been sewing and knitting like crazy and I have several projects backlogged to share. This little number is the April Rhodes Staple Dress sewn in a double gauze I bought at Stitches on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Pattern- April Rhodes Staple Dress Fabric- Flight Shroom Double Gauze Organic Cotton by Birch Fabrics, purchased from Stitches This is my second Staple Dress and while I initially thought this dress was so not my usual silhouette, my first Staple Dress turned out to be something… Read more »