truffle_dress-43-EditI come from a long line of makers, artists and creatives. My grandmother painted, sewed and knit. In the 60s, my mother sewed her own clothes to wear to her job at the state senator’s office. My father is a painter. My uncle grows tomatoes and my aunt plays ukulele. My sister is a musician and my cousin does video work. I was not only allowed, but encouraged, to go to art school. It’s in my blood I think.

I learned to garden in 2007 when I first bought my house and had no idea what to do with a yard. Years later, it’s full of raised beds, cold frames, an herb garden and chickens. Growing my own food has caused me to eat more seasonally and get more creative with my cooking. I’ve also figured out what foods I really like and want to grow a lot of, so I can make jellies, pickles and sauces to share with my friends and family.

Rake and Make is a Seattle, WA. based blog, so I’m gardening in the Northwest climate. I live with my husband, a dog, a cat and four chickens, named Camilla, Lorraine, Florence and Rita. One chicken is named after a muppet and the rest are named after egg dishes. They are all Buff Orpingtons and I say I can tell them apart, but I really can’t.

My first sewing project was a duffel bag in home ec class in the 5th grade. I still have it and the stitching isn’t half bad! When I was 18, I saved up and bought my first sewing machine (a Bernette). It wasn’t the greatest sewing machine, but it worked for pegging pants, sewing patches on clothes and mending things for friends. I always wanted to make clothes, but being young, transient and in school kind of got in the way at the time. A few years ago, my husband bought me my current sewing machine (a Baby Lock Molly) and that’s when I got to start sewing all the things I had always wanted to.

What started out as a gardening blog has grown to include all the things I like to make, whether it’s gardening, cooking or craft related. Some call it modern domesticity, some call it urban homesteading. For me, it was simply hobbies I enjoyed, that slowly turned into a lifestyle. Whether it be a meal from the garden or a handmade garment, making it slows me down, quiets my mind and gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It also brings me together with my family and friends to share a meal or swap some canned goods or handmade items. There is also the amazing online community of gardeners, sewers and knitters that I have gotten to know through all of this. I am very interested in the dialogue that can be created by sharing tips, tricks and experiences, so I would love to hear from you! Please comment, subscribe and/or follow me on social media!



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