Railroad Stripe Harlene Dungarees

I feel like I have been crossing so many garments off my “dream wardrobe” list lately and these railroad stripe Harlene Dungarees where high on that list. I had been looking for a classic overalls pattern and I already knew from sewing my first pair that the Harlene Dungarees fit the bill.



Merchant and Mills Harlene Dungarees

Size traced and sewn

The Harlene Dungarees have a lot of ease and I had already sized down two sizes from what the chart put me in for my first pair. Since those were sewn to be gardening overalls, it didn’t matter that they were a bit big, but I knew I wanted my next pair to be more fitted, so I sewed a straight size 12 this time. 

For reference, my current measurements are Bust=39″, Waist=35″, Hips=45″ and I am 5’10”. 

Pattern adjustments

  • Lengthened legs 2 inches this time

I noticed that I like to roll up the bottom of the legs of my other Harlene Dungarees, so I decided to lengthen these a bit more knowing I would want to do that.

Fabric & Notions

10 oz. railroad stripe denim from Blackbird Fabrics

The hardware is the Jenny Overalls Hardware Kit in nickel (with the extra buttons) from Closet Core Patterns.

Construction notes

The only difference in the way I constructed these this time is that I decided to followed the pattern instructions for which side of the pocket fabric shows. Last time, I opted to put the pocket linings pretty side out (so I could see the right side on the inside), like is recommended for the Ginger Jeans. Due to the fit of these overalls, the pockets tend to pop open, so I felt it would be better to see the right side of the fabric inside the pocket this time.

Originally, I had purchased navy blue topstitching thread for this project, but when I tested it out on scrap fabric, you could hardly see it, so I ordered some white topstitching thread and I am so glad I did. I like it so much better and it feels much more classic with the white topstitching thread.


The size 12 is just how I wanted these to fit. They are more fitted than my first pair without being too tight, so I feel like I picked exactly the right size this time!

Final Thoughts

Add another garment to my dream wardrobe! These are so comfy and already getting a lot of wear. My original Harlene Dungarees will remain my gardening overalls, as I would like to keep this pair sort of nice, but these are great for wearing around the house, especially while working on craft projects!

4 thoughts on “Railroad Stripe Harlene Dungarees

  1. I love your 2 pairs Lily! I just bought my fabric to make them. Thank you so much for the review and the great pictures, it will really help me to pick a size. Hopefully the will be done before October so ready on time to go to camp!

    1. Hi Johanne! It’s so good to hear from you! I look forward to seeing yours when they are done. Like I said, I think these are great to wear for any sort of crafting project (they are just so comfortable), so will be perfect for you at camp!

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