The Great Chicken Coop Remodel of 2015 Okay, now that the Coop Tour is over, I can finally share some of the prep work we did for it. One huge thing we did was finally remodel the chicken coop. Not only was the fence behind the coop rotting, but the coop itself had a dirt floor, so rats were getting in. I had also always wanted to paint the coop, so being on the tour was a huge motivator to finally get everything done.

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click here Much better, right? This was a multi-stepped process, which tool several days and involved both Matt and I. Well mostly Matt, if truth be told. I wish I had taken more pictures along the way, but we had a deadline, so we were on a mission. I can walk you through it though. First, we had to disassemble the run to the left. We were able to save the roof and the door, but the rest of that run had to be rebuilt. We were then able to detach the house from the run to the right and move it into the yard. The chickens were then able to use the yard as a run while we rebuilt the fence and poured a concrete floor.

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click here While Matt built a new fence and poured the concrete floor, I painted the coop. I wanted the coop to match our house and luckily I still had the paint color formulas on file, so the main, trim and door colors match our house exactly. We then put the coop back, reattached the right run and rebuilt and painted the left run. Remember the cool signs Matt made for our wedding? Well, he got to put his routing tool to good use again. I love the way this sign looks. It’s like a little chicken cabin now!

Buy Alprazolam Online Legally IMG_2915 This is how I have been envisioning the coop to look for some time and now the rats can’t get in, so I am so happy we finally did this. The chickens seem like they like it too! 😉 signature_2

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