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I have been reading Tilly and Buttons, since I started sewing clothes a few years ago and have watched her publish a book and be on the Great British Sewing Bee. She’s a sewing celeb in the online sewing world and I am a big fan. I discovered Madalynne’s blog more recently, but was so impressed with her beautiful photos and wonderful content. She specializes in bra-making, which I have yet to delve into, but I know where I’ll go for info when I do. Deborah of the blog DFabrication is new to me, but apparently she was on the 3rd season of the Great British Sewing Bee. I need to catch up! So how I ended up with the likes of Tilly, Madalynne and Deborah, in a feature in Simply Sewing Magazine, I’m not totally sure. I wasn’t going to fight it though and I am beyond honored to be included with these three talented ladies in a feature about sewing bloggers!


It absolutely made my day when I opened my email on Friday and saw this. The author, Judy Darley, did a wonderful job writing this article and curating the photos and content for it. If you’ve been reading my blog awhile, you will recognize some of these photos!


Judy talks about the importance of good photography in a blog, which is something I feel like I work hard on. So I was flattered when I was asked to submit photos for this.


Thanks Judy, and Simply Sewing Magazine, for including me with all these amazing blogs!

Simply Sewing is a UK magazine, but you can still subscribe and get issues shipped to you in the U.S. (which I plan on doing) or you can download issues to your tablet or other device. This article is in the latest issue, number six. I just got mine in the mail today and it looks like there is a lot of great content in it. Plus it comes with 3 free gifts: some faux suede fabric, a little booklet and a pattern!


This magazine is not free online, but Judy was nice enough to give me permission to share the article with you all, so you can read the full article below!


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    1. Thanks Maddie! Your blog is so beautiful and such an inspiration. I haven’t graduated to bra-making yet (it seems so advanced to me), but I love to look!

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