Cloth Habit Harriet Bra You guys! I made a bra! And I made it over a year ago! In fact, I made it at Camp Workroom Social in 2016. Not last year, but the freakin’ year before. You would think I would have been shouting this from the rooftops, but we all know how life gets and (for those of us that blog) how blogging can take a backseat when things get busy. Normally I would just move on, but this is too good not to share. So here it, in all its bra glory, my Cloth Habit Harriet Bra.

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Buy Diazepam Msj I have heard that bra-making is addictive, that once you learn how you can’t stop making them and I have seen it happen that way. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for me. Not because I hated it, quite the contrary. Bras are not hard, they are fast to make (you could probably make one in a few hours) and the fit is so good once you get it down, that I can’t believe I haven’t made more. One thing that was super nice about taking a class to make this bra is that it included a bra making kit with all the materials, hooks and closures you need. Even having made a bra,  having to pick out all those pieces separately still seems a little overwhelming to me. I know there are kits you can buy and Amy Chapman, Cloth Habit designer, has a wealth of resources on her website, so I need to get back in there and make another one.

Buy Valium Wholesale One cool thing about waiting so long to blog about something is that I have actually been wearing this bra and can talk about how it fits and feels to wear it. The fit is great on this bra. Amy fitted us all in the class, so I was thankful to have her guidance and be able to get the fit right on the first try. It’s so cool to know how a bra should fit now; that it should be tight (not uncomfortable tight, but fitted, so it doesn’t pull up in the back) and your straps shouldn’t be falling down all the time (which my store-bought bras always do). This bra even has the adjustments for the strap in the front so you can adjust once it’s on. Brilliant.

click here This bra is really great and I want to make more. I wear this one as much as possible, but since it’s not padded I can only wear it with certain things. My next bra will have foam cups. Amy briefly went over how to do that in class, but also has instructions on her website, so I will definitely be referring to that when the time comes. Big thanks to Amy for freeing us bra-makers from ill-fitting bras with her great patterns and sharing her knowledge of how to make them.

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