Garden Planning- Helpful Lists: Seed Varieties


Last week, I shared my list of important planting times. Now, I’d like to share with you my list of seed varieties*.

I like to try new varieties, but if I find something I like, that grows well here in Seattle, I will buy it year after year. Below is my list of go-to varieties that I have found are very tasty, and perform well, in my climate.

Early Wonder
Chiogga- these are the cool looking striped ones, I am always talking about, that taste so good!

Thompson- nice big heads and high yields.

Bolero, Purple Haze

Derby Day

I don’t know if there are really any lettuces that won’t grow well in Seattle, but here are some of my favorites; Green Deer Tongue (loose-leaf), New Red Fire (loose-leaf), Mascara (loose-leaf), Devils Tongue (romaine), Drunken Woman Frizzy Head (butterhead), Buttercrunch (butterhead). The names alone are so great.

Green Wave

Sugar Snap

Pole Beans
Blue Lake Pole- good canning size.

It says Bintje in the photo above, but my new fave is Yukon Gold.

French Breakfast


Swiss Chard
Bright Lights

Black Beauty

*These are just the seed varieties I like. I buy my warm season crops as starts at the Seattle Tilth May plant sale. That is why I have not listed any tomato, eggplant, squash or pepper varieties, since I buy them as starts later in the year. I do have some favorite tomato varieties. For example, Sungolds are the best cherry tomatoes and taste like candy. I’ll do a post about that when the time comes. I often just pick those varieties based on the descriptions in their veggie list and what is left. Stuff goes fast there!

If you are looking to order any of these, Organic Gardening Magazine just posted a really great list of their favorite seed catalogs.

Do you guys have any seed varieties that you love? Am I missing out on anything? I love kale, but don’t have a favorite variety yet, so I would love a recommendation!

6 thoughts on “Garden Planning- Helpful Lists: Seed Varieties

  1. If you have the light, pumpkins do well, too. The little sugar pie ones. Hey when do you plant outdoors? Last year I tried in April and had mixed results.

  2. Hey Lilly have you tried any seeds from Seattle Seed Company? Just got some Lucinato kale which is my favorite, cooks down nicely and good for salads

    1. I have tried several seeds from Seattle Seeds and been really happy! Good germination on everything and also it felt like there was a real human touch. My order had a hand-written thank you note, an one time I emailed them a question they got back to me right away. woohoo! Good service always wins me over.

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