Garden Planning- Helpful Lists: Important Planting Times

It finally dawned on me, that in Seattle, March is a more realistic time for getting my garden started. So I am just now planning my 2014 garden. It feels kind of late, but it’s not really, since the ground is still very wet from all the rain.


In planning my garden each year, I have noticed that I do two things. I draw all my garden beds and then write in what I want to plant there that year. I also tend to make some sort of list on the opposite page to help me decide what I want to plant and when, or what kind of seeds to buy and when, etc.. Each year, the notes and lists seem to take a slightly different form, maybe because each year, I figure out what I like to plant and can plan some of it just from memory. It’s probably also stems from the fact that I keep referring back to my old lists.

I am realizing how helpful these lists are to me, so I figured I would share them with you. The one I thought I would share first, is a list I made with important planting times*. I remember writing this after a year of forgetting to plant my favorite time-sensitive/short growing season crops, until it was too late. That year, I wanted to make sure I remembered to plant those crops at the right time. I wrote this list in 2011 and I still refer back to it each year.



Spring Seed Order

Late March

Start eggplant and peppers indoors

Brussel Sprouts (April or May)
Start squash and basil indoors

Brussel sprouts, pole beans, corn
Squash, pumpkin and cucumber (under cloche)


Summer seed order

pole beans, cucumber, squash (July too late for squash and cucumbers)




*Remember, these are planting times for my area, which is the Pacific Northwest. Planting times will vary if you are in other parts of the country, but maybe this list will help you create your own similar list!

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  1. I finally have a yard for gardening, so I’ve been scouring your blog for tips. Super helpful m’lady!

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