Buffalo Check Archer Button Up

How have you all been? Has everybody still been sewing? Lately, I have been motivated to make things that I need, but it is also a nice escape sometimes. It probably goes without saying that these last few months have been unlike anything any of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. I remember thinking it was weird that people were saying things like “new normal” only a couple of weeks into the pandemic, but now that I am four months into working from home, it makes more sense. That said, in an attempt to return to some sense of normalcy—or at the very least, routine—I am finally getting back to my blog. We’ll see how this goes!

I’m going to keep this one brief, but here’s a Grainline Studio Archer Button Up I made back in April, thus the barely budding Lilac tree in the background (for those of you that notice that sort of thing). This is the third time I have made this shirt, so if you want more detail about the construction and stuff, you can go here and here. I almost skipped blogging about this one, since it’s technically off season now, but not only am I still wearing it—I just wore it hiking last week—I felt like this was too good not to share. I mean, look at that pattern matching! There are pockets on the front, but you can’t even see them!



Grainline Studio Archer Button Up


Red buffalo check flannel from Joann Fabrics

Size traced and sewn

This is a TNT pattern for me, so I just pull the traced pattern out when I want to sew it, but I originally graded from 8 at the bust to 10 at the hips.

Pattern adjustments

Here are the adjustments I had originally made:

  • Lengthened the sleeves 1″
  • Added 1″ to the length
  • Took the shoulders in 1/2″. 

Final Thoughts

This is such a classic shirt and so Pacific Northwest, but I’m a Seattleite, so I love it! I’ve worn it many a night out by the fire pit (since that is one of the most exciting things Matt and I can do lately).

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I hope you enjoyed this little “show and tell” and that you are well and continue to hang in there. See you back here soon I hope! 😉

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