Robot Dog Sweater


The pattern is the “Robo Dog Coat” from the book Knits of Tomorrow: Toys and Accessories for your Retro-Future Needs and was originally knit for my mother’s dog Mickey. Sadly, Mickey passed away before I was able to finish it, but I was able to give it to an adorable little Dachshund mix named Junebug and it fits her perfectly!


All the details are on my Ravelry page, but the yarn I used was the Berocco DK Solids and I only needed one skein of each color. I cast on for the medium size which had 4 repeats of the chart (4 robot dogs total).


I tried several different ways of holding the yarn for this and had varying degrees of success. I really wanted to be able to carry one strand of yarn in each hand while I was knitting and I did try, but it just wasn’t working out for me. So I went back to just holding one color in one hand and dropping it and picking up the next color as needed. This is definitely does not seem like the most efficient way to do this and since I do enjoy doing color work, I would like to find a better method. After the fact, I found this incredibly useful post on stranded knitting by Tasha of the blog By Gum by Golly. The next time I do color work, I will definitely be revisiting her post and trying some different options.


 The straps are just knit in simple garter stitch, so those went by really fast.


I bought all my supplies at Seattle Yarn and I found these perfect buttons there as well.


I asked Juney’s owner, Scott, to take some photos of Junebug in her sweater, thinking he would just snap a few with his phone and he came back with these amazing photos. Aren’t they awesome? Big thanks to Scott for taking these gorgeous photos! Junebug looks so adorable in her new sweater and it makes me so happy that it went to a good home. I think Mickey would approve as well. 😉



4 thoughts on “Robot Dog Sweater

  1. Lilly, the sweater is wonderful! Looks so great on Junebug! Sorry Mickey couldn’t wear it but I agree that he’d approve. Cheers!

  2. Dogs with light brown eyes and noses are so beautiful, you can see every emotion on their faces. Junebug looks especially beautiful in her sweater, the blue with her fur is lovely.

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