Happy post Thanksgiving weekend! Hope you all had a good one. I spent Thanksgiving day with friends, talking about how especially thankful we are (post-election) to have each other and to live in our little progressive bubble of the Pacific Northwest. I probably shouldn’t say “progressive bubble” and not say that we also talked about how we can’t be content to live in a bubble anymore and how it’s time for action. By saying that, it probably goes without saying that I voted for… Read more »

Hello! I’m still trying to get my back log of completed projects posted and am especially behind on knitting projects! This is the Brooklynn Tweed Bray Cap in Shelter that I finished back in March. See the lovely Lilac tree in the background? Everything is dead and rain soaked in my yard at the moment, so this makes me happy to look at now. In fact, I should be out cleaning up the garden and planting garlic right now. It’s so cold and cruddy… Read more »

The knitting bug has got me bad. I’ve actually been knitting more than I have been sewing lately, so I’m a couple finished projects behind on sharing them. One project I finished recently is a pair of yellow fingerless gloves that I knit for my co-worker Lester. Lester and I worked together in the rental department of Glazer’s the first time I worked there, so we go way back. He is an amazing cook and baker and brought me cookies on my first day… Read more »

I finally finished the Owl Sweater by Kate Davies Design! In fact, I actually finished this about a month ago. I’m liking that I’ve been blogging about things after I have had a chance to wear them a bit, because then I can talk about how they feel to wear. Pattern- Owls by Katie Davies Design Yarn- Berocco Ultra Alpaca Chunky from Seattle Yarn Alterations and fit- I don’t know if this is the term knitters use, but since I come from a sewing background… Read more »

I would think that no one wants to read about hand knit winter wear in the middle of April, if my knitting night wasn’t still packed full of knitters every week. Apparently, knitting is a year round activity. So I won’t apologize for sharing my gray cabled mitts (that I finished in February) with you now. The pattern was another freebie from Ravelry: One Cabled Mitts. I chose this pattern so that I could practice knitting cables before starting my… Read more »