Makers Market Recap

source site It’s been an exciting time over here at Rake and Make HQ! So exciting that this blog post was scheduled for last week and got missed. Makers Market was such a well put together and fun event, that I have to still blog about it, even it if it is a wee bit late.

go For those of you that missed my post announcing this event, Makers Market was a neighborhood craft fair of sorts, featuring local artisans, and took place at White Center’s own Center Studio. makers_market-016 Flower and I shared a table, thank goodness, because with the birth of my lovely new nephew, I got a little behind on making stuff. My new rule; my nephew trumps everything. He’s that awesome.

follow url makers_market-004

Order Valium Next Day Delivery Despite the baby distraction, I actually made quite a bit of stuff in a short amount of time, so I didn’t do too bad. Flower had sooo much great stuff, so I think our table looked nice and full of stuff. I think I spent most of the money I earned, buying things from her!

go makers_market-021 Flower’s amazing assortment included: Bacon Jam- so delicious, I bought some just before it sold out.
Some other delicious canned goods including pickled fiddle heads
Terrariums- She had so many cool ones. I bought one with a little Sculpey whale in it, and it lives in my studio now and it makes me happy every time I sew! terrarium-001She also had: Silkscreened tea towels- awesome, wanted them
Up-cycled hanging lanterns- check, I had one already and it needed a mate!

Order Valium Online Uk makers_market-009

enter My little basket of goods: 4 cloth napkin sets- rooster motif
2 oven mitt and potholder sets
4 potholders
1 apron- yeah I know, slacker, but with the way I have to make the apron ties, these puppies are kind of a bitch to make. I gotta get a loop turner, but that’s another story.

Buy Valium In Canada follow see url makers_market-010 I sold everything but one potholder, one napkin set and the apron, which was fine with me because those were all things I hadn’t even made for myself, so I wanted them anyway. Imagine if I had brought more stuff! makers_market-014

go to site We also had the lovely and talented Andrea Dahlman of Prairedahl as our neighbor. Okay, we planned it that way and yes, we may have snuck away after set-up for pre-sale cocktails, so we had some fun. Then there was the free white wine and the limited food… you see where I am going with this. A grand time was had by all.

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Buy Alprazolam China But look how great her stuff is. She made drinking glasses out of Red Stripe bottles, which I’d imagine ain’t easy. She also makes earrings out of buttons, feathers and found objects that range from adorable to sexy and everything in between. I bought an awesome pair of vintage looking red rose earrings made from buttons, that I ended up wearing for my birthday last weekend.

Cute earrings, right? And look at that cake that Flower made!

watch makers_market-023 And this was just our little corner of the studio. All the vendors were fabulous. I love my bath salts and aromatherapy sprays from StarJuice that I bought. And the whiskey caramels from  the White Center Caramel Company were so delicious. Next time I need to get the salted caramels before she sells out. She sold out of everything! This was only my second craft fair I have done, and I think I have the bug now! I didn’t make a lot of money, but since I got to shop with the money I made, I figure I basically got to shop for free!

click here Thank you to Lonjina of Center Studio for doing such a great job curating vendors and putting this event together. She does another one of these during the holidays which I hope we will get to do. So be on the lookout!

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