So many great experiences start as a gift from my husband; the first one being the sewing machine he got me three years ago, that started my garment sewing obsession. I had off-handedly mentioned to Matt that I was interested in learning how to play the ukulele. One reason was that two of my all time favorite bands have ukulele in them: Man Man and the Magnetic Fields. The other was that I had heard that it’s a good instrument to learn as an adult… Read more »

Looking back at 2014 is tricky. It was a year of a lot of change. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, some of you may already know of some of the events of the year. It’s not at all easy to sum up, and that may be why I have found myself compacting it into this sentence- In five months, I lost my mother and two dogs and got married. It seems kind of blunt, but it’s true and… Read more »

I don’t know what the word is for me; life-long learner, school-a-holic, knowledge junkie? Yikes. Somehow none of those terms sound good. All I know is, I sure do like to be in school, taking classes and learning stuff. I was in college for 7 years after all. When my blogging bud, Stacy Brewer, of the blog Seattle Seedling announced her plans of starting an “Urban Farm Schoolhouse”, I was totally on board. I was especially happy to see that she was offering… Read more »

Well, 2013 is over. Following on the heels of a previous rough year, 2013 was a year of serious ups and downs and it started at the very bottom. I began last year, in the ER with my mom, which set in motion a chain of difficult life changing events for our whole family. Still exhausted from 2012, it was challenging to stay positive last year. I could recite a whole litany of clichés here, like “whatever doesn’t kill you, makes… Read more »