Gray Cabled Mitts

Buy Genuine Diazepam Online Uk I would think that no one wants to read about hand knit winter wear in the middle of April, if my knitting night wasn’t still packed full of knitters every week. Apparently, knitting is a year round activity. So I won’t apologize for sharing my gray cabled mitts (that I finished in February) with you now.


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source The pattern was another freebie from Ravelry: One Cabled Mitts. I chose this pattern so that I could practice knitting cables before starting my Owl Sweater. I had been told that knitting cables was easy, but I didn’t believe it until I tried it. These mitts were good practice for knitting cables and it did turn out to be fairly simple and straightforward. You just have to follow the chart and know when to drop the cable needle to the back or the front, depending on which direction you want the cable to twist. The yarn is from my co-worker’s family farm in Sweden. It was spun at a mill near the farm, called Baven Spinnhus and it seems to be minimally processed. It’s undyed, so that beautiful gray is the natural color of the sheep. The wool is so soft that it seems to have retained a lot of its lanolin. The yarn felt great to knit with and is not itchy at all. After some wear, it’s not pilling, but it is getting kind of fuzzy. I’m okay with that for these mitts, but I’m not sure how great that would look for a sweater. Maybe if it was knit at a tighter gauge it wouldn’t do that? gray_cabled_mitts-012

enter site These were a quick knit, which I loved after my year-long Miette cardigan. I finished these waiting in line at the Canadian border, on my way up to Whistler for a ski trip. It was late February, so it wasn’t super cold, but there was still some snow on the ground. I ended up wearing these the whole weekend, and they were perfect for that kind of weather! From a Swedish sheep’s back to my hands, I love the story of these mitts and that I know where they came from. Thanks Mimmi, for bringing this yarn to work and giving me a chance to knit with it!

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