15 thoughts on “Camp Workroom Social Recap

  1. go to link Wow! That looks like it was so awesome! I bought one of the Cone Mills kits she just re-released and I can’t imagine how helpful it must have been to have her in person to help.

      1. get link I am totally making the Ginger Jeans, although I think I am going use non-Cone Mills denim for my first pair, because I don’t want to screw it up and waste that gorgeous denim. I bought that ebook the second I saw it! I just can’t decide which view to try…I’m short waisted so I might go for the low rise.

  2. https://annmorrislighting.com/n6on2xy Lily! Now you’ve gone and made me all nostalgic. I suddenly thought, “Hey, Lily mentioned she was planning to blog about Camp. I need to check it out,” and here is your wonderful post! Great descriptions and photos. Aww, we had a grand time, didn’t we? Also, have you seen Heather’s new coat pattern? I am dying for it.

    1. https://emduk.org/jxf6epwfn Hi Suzi! Good to hear from you. I finally photographed my Ginger Jeans today, after wearing them a shit ton, so they area little stretched out and wrinkly now (might be time for a wash). Oh well, that’s a good sign, right? It means I really like them and they are totally wearable! Anyway, I was thinking about you when I was taking pictures today… let’s just say our jumping tradition continues. 😉

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