True Bias Ogden Camis

I must have been the last sewist on the planet to sew the True Bias Ogden Cami—I never claimed to be an early adopter—but now I believe all the hype!

I had fabric set aside for two Ogden Camis: some leftover Rifle Paper Co. Cotton and Steel rayon (from my Ellsworth Coat) and a beautiful Splatter Print Workroom Social Miramar Rayon. I didn’t expect that I would sew them back to back like I did. Turns out this is a really quick sew and I was about to go on vacation somewhere warm, so the time was right.

I’m including both in one post, since I made them basically at the same time. We can consider the first one my wearable muslin, since it was made out of scrap fabric and has no mods except for grading from a size 10-12 (which I probably didn’t even need to do due to the shape and drape of this garment). For the second one, I added an inch to both the lining and the shell.



True Bias Ogden Cami

Size traced and sewn

Graded from 10-12


  • No mods on floral cami
  • Added 1″ to length of lining and shell on black splatter print cami


The first version is totally wearable, but I prefer the modifications I made to the second one. Not only do I like the length of the shell better, but there was something about where the lining fell across my boobs that I didn’t like, so the length addition helped there as well.


  • These were perfect for my vacation to Florida last month.
  • These look great with my Blackwood Cardigan (blogging about next).
  • I get tons of compliments on these every time I wear them, which has been a lot since I have made them.

You can really see the flared shape in the flat lays. Oh! I also finally got custom labels from Wunderlabel!

Now that I know that the Ogden Cami is basically an instant gratification project (in that it takes very little time and fabric), this is going to be a TNT pattern for me for sure. I can see why it is so popular. What’s also great is that the Ogden Camis aren’t just for summer. Back in Seattle, we had one little heatwave a couple of weeks ago, but other than that it’s been a typically chilly Spring. In cooler weather, I can still wear these layered with my Blackwood Cardigan and Ellsworth Coat and I am good to go! Another great pattern by another talented designer. Thank you Kelli, for helping me to cloth myself in style!

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  1. They are both lovely. I agree that your length modification improved the fit but the first one is still totally wearable. The neckline shape is perfect.

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