Super Simple Pea Trellis

This pea trellis is so simple it is almost ridiculous that I am even posting about it, but it is the one I always do, so here it is.


trellis netting- the larger size, so I get the 5′ x15′

wooden garden stakes- pack of six, six feet tall

staple gun with 1/4″ 6mm staples


1. Put stakes in garden bed where you want them.

2. Staple trellis netting to stakes, cut where you need to.

What I like about these: They are cheap, simple and fast to set-up. It’s not permanent and so can be placed anywhere in the garden.

What I don’t like about these: They always end up leaning from the weight of the peas once they are in full bloom. They are trashed after one use and I have to remove the staples to be able to compost them.

It’s a trade off I guess, I have been going with quick and easy in lieu of finding a better more permanent solution. I hope to someday see something cool at a yard sale or thrift store that I could use or make something reusable.

Do you have trellises that you love?

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