French Navy Stellan Tee

I’m still on the kick of sewing things that I will actually wear a lot. What that means, is that I am sewing a lot of basics. Or as it’s called in the sewing world “cake”, which is the opposite of “frosting” (fancy dresses and things that may not get worn as often). Read this post here, if you really want to learn more about what that means. Anyway, this is probably one of the most basic things I have ever made: a plain gray t-shirt! And you know what? I love it! When I wear stuff like this, no one even asks me if I made what I am wearing because you can’t tell… but I know! I also know that it is exactly the right length for me because I lengthened it three inches. The fabric is also so soft and comfy and has just the right drape for this pattern… which is FREE and is the Stellan Tee by French Navy!



French Navy Stellan Tee


It’s some sort of jersey knit and I think it was from Dry Goods Design. It might even be a bamboo jersey knit. Recording what fabric I buy is apparently not my strong suit. Whatever it is, it’s very soft and has a nice drape, but still has decent recovery. It was perfect for the relaxed fit of this pattern.

Size traced and sewn

Graded from size medium to large.


Added 3 inches in length.

Construction Notes

I’m in the process of developing a t-shirt class, so this was a great chance to try a t-shirt pattern that I had never sewn before. I thought the Stellan Tee could be a good candidate, especially since the pattern is free. Happily, I can report that this shirt was very easy to put together and so satisfying! People think knits are so scary, but they really aren’t. There aren’t even that many steps. You sew the front to the back, sew on the sleeves, sew the side seams, add the neck binding and you are done! This t-shirt can be sewn up in just a couple of hours or less!


At first I thought maybe the shoulders were too wide and then realized that the pattern is designed that way. This pattern is unique and slightly different than ones I have already sewn because it has a boxy fit and curved hemline. The Stellan Tee is also designed to be slightly cropped, but that’s not really my jam. I haven’t adopted the high waisted pant style and am more of a mid-rise gal, so adding length was the right move for me.

Final Thoughts

I love the relaxed fit of this pattern. With the length addition, this is a great basic tee pattern for me. I could see making more of these and maybe even basing a class around it!

That being said, if you have been wanting to tackle sewing knits—and would like some encouragement and support—keep an eye out on for a t-shirt class from me by getting on my mailing list or following me on social!

6 thoughts on “French Navy Stellan Tee

  1. Oh that is a cozy and useful shirt. I’m helping a friend sew for the first time and this is the pattern we picked! 🙂 Yours looks so soft and nice!

    1. That’s so great! I would love to hear your experience with teaching with this pattern, since I am interested in doing the same. 🙂

  2. Hi Lily! Great job on this project and I like the side curved hemline. Agree with you on the length. How would you compare the Stellan Tee to the Lark Tee, which I’ve noticed you like to make? I’ve mostly been making the Lark for t-shirts so far.

    1. Hi Caroline! I do love the Lark Tee, and have made a few of them. I always sew the boatneck version of the Lark Tee, so the Stellan Tee is different for me in that it’s more like a traditional t-shirt in that it has a neckband. You can sew the Lark Tee with a neckband, I just never do. Also, like I said, the shoulders are dropped on the Stellan Tee, which I wasn’t sure how much I liked at first. After a good pressing, they softened up a bit and it doesn’t bother me now, but if you like your shoulder seams to be right at your shoulder joint, this may not be the tee for you (or you would have to alter it). Does that help?

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