Rake and Make- now with video!

I have so much to learn about video and look wackadoo in this one, but as I am always saying, if you wait for everything to be perfect, nothing will ever get done. I just wanted to jump in, see how my new camera works and get something posted, so here it is!

Not saying “Um” is really hard. I felt like I had to talk really slowly and think about what I was saying, so I will be practicing that. I have much to learn in regards to color, audio (I can already tell I probably need any auxiliary mic), editing, exporting/compressing, players/embedding and more, but it will be fun to learn. My plan is to use lynda.com to learn Final Cut, but if anybody has any video resources I should check out, classes, tutorials, software, plug-ins, gear and the like, please let me know.

Also let me know what kinds of things you would like to see video tutorials on. I already have some ideas, but would love to hear from you as well!

5 thoughts on “Rake and Make- now with video!

  1. ooh my gosh..
    i love it.. you look a little nervous..
    also, i think you did great.. yay for video tutorials.
    love, brina

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