Pattern Testing: Maeve Makes Pooze Pouch

Buy Valium Tablets Fanny packs are one of those things that people seem to be divided on. You either love em’ or you hate em’. Most of the people I know are pro-fanny pack and I definitely stand on the side of, “What’s not to love?”. To me, they are both functional and fashionable! So when Maeve Blessing of Maeve Makes asked me to pattern test her new Pooze Pouch pattern, I was ALL IN.

Pattern Maeve Makes Pooze Pouch

Materials Used

get link I’m a runner, so fanny packs are great for when I just need a place to put my phone and my keys. I’ve road tested the Pooze Pouch a few times now, so can attest to its merits as a great fanny pack for running. Because of its low profile, the Pooze Pouch is unobtrusive and stays in place. That’s very important to me, as the last thing I want to be doing while running is fussing with what I’m wearing.

see I have made fanny packs before that were not lined and part of what makes the Pooze Pouch such a great pattern is that it is lined. It not only gives it a nice structure, but it provides more of a clean finish. I mean, would you look at that adorable lining? It’s got chickens on it! You know that’s why I bought it. 😉

source link I primarily use the main bag for my phone, but I have fit a sunglasses case in there as well. Within the main bag, there’s an interior pocket that is perfect size for cash. The outer zippered pocket is great for keys, my id, or any other small items that I might want to keep extra secure.


follow url After sewing this, I realized that since I mostly wear denim jeans, when I wear this outside of running I’ll be wearing a Canadian Tuxedo of sorts. Luckily, the Pooze Pouch also looks good and works well worn as a crossbody bag.

enter Thank you Maeve for the opportunity to test this pattern for you! I’m very excited that the Pooze Pouch is out in the world now. I think it’s a well needed addition to the world of indie sewing patterns!

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