Palette Challenge Project #1- Truffle Dress

click I completed my first project for the Colette Patterns 2012 Spring/Summer Palette Challenge and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have to be honest, as my third ever handmade garment attempt, I kind of needed this one to be a win. I liked my Meringue skirt for the fabric and the piping, but structurally it had issues. I learned so much about fit making the Pastille dress, but realistically, I don’t see it being something I will wear very often. If I was going to keep spending time making handmade clothes, I really needed to make something I adored, to make it worth it.

see Luckily, I love my Truffle Dress! I had read several reviews online, about this particular pattern from the Colette Sewing Handbook, that all said the same thing. That upon looking at the picture for this pattern in the book, it was viewed as the least favorite, but after making it, [the authors of the reviews] were pleasantly surprised about how much they actually liked the dress they had made. This was my experience as well.

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see I love the lining… and the fabric. I looove rayon. I want to make everything out of rayon now.  It’s soft and forgiving and wasn’t hard to sew with at all. It seems to come in a lot of cool prints too. I recently took the free class at AAA Vacuum and Sewing, that came with my serger, from a fabulous teacher, Jeanne McDonald. Seriously, if you are looking to buy a sewing machine or serger, I cannot recommend this place enough. They are super nice there and have great deals on machines. The support (like the free class to learn how to use your machine), and warranty and upgrade programs, make it totally worth it. So not only did I get to utilize the awesome rolled hem I learned how to do, but my serged seams suck way less this time. Thanks Jeanne!

Buy Diazepam India I have always liked dressing up, but more in a costume/theme party, wear something silly kind of way, than an accessorize and be girly kind of way. I have to say, making clothes is bringing out my inner dress up.

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get link Yes, these are the shoes and the hat from my mood board (which was featured on the Colette Blog by the way- so honored!). I had recently bought the shoes and the hat, that’s why I put them on my mood board, and now I keep finding myself looking for the perfect shoes and accessories, for everything I have and plan on making.


enter site As far as fit goes, I followed the same size pattern grading as I did on my Pastille muslin. The only adjustments I made were to lower the bust darts an inch (thank you to those who replied to my question about that on the Colette forum). I also lengthened the skirt and drape an inch.

Buy Generic Diazepam Online This is going to be a great dress for me this Spring and Summer and I foresee myself wearing it a lot and maybe even making it again!

Buy Xanax Nyc And now some bonus chicken pictures! I actually kind of hate having my picture taken*, but want to see me smile? Put a chicken in my hands!

watch She matches my dress!

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enter site …and she’s got something in her beak!

follow link *Special thanks to Matt Everett for the lovely photos. I never like photos of myself and I love these!

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