Overwintering Vegetables- what’s in my garden now

I have had so-so success with overwintering vegetables. I seem to do better ever year, so that is something, I guess.


https://acatfcl.cat/m7zpojm0tf Last Fall, I planted beets and cabbage under my cloche, which all got eaten by something.

https://elartedemedir.com/blog/aq7nlqk I also planted a cover crop of Buckwheat. I even covered it with row cover, so the birds wouldn’t eat the seeds. I took it off once the seedlings had emerged. I’m thinking I should have left the row cover on longer, because all the seedlings disappeared shortly after I removed it.


https://acuasec.com/iz3svbl What survived and is thriving, is the arugula, spinach and lettuce that I planted in my cold frames. Just a couple of nights ago, I made a salad from some of the lettuce!

https://www.aytoyuncler.com/2023/09/14/gnehmgfmbb I planted fava beans for the first time last Fall, and those seem to be doing well.


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https://dopsiurana.com/f7jmo7xgp6 I plant garlic every year, because Matt and I both love garlic and use it in everything we cook. Since we always run out, I planted an even larger plot of it last year.

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In one feed trough, are a couple of artichoke starts I got last Spring, from the West Seattle Nursery. Since artichokes are perennials, I figured they would be well suited to a container. Both plants had black aphids all over them last year, so I tried spraying them with soap spray. A lot of the leaves died and fell off, but the plants seem to be looking better this year.


In the other feed trough, I planted some multiplier onions, but there is no sign of them yet. One of the bulbs was a little squishy and diseased looking. I didn’t plant that one, but hopefully the other ones weren’t diseased as well. Maybe they will pop up this Spring?


3 thoughts on “Overwintering Vegetables- what’s in my garden now

    1. It’s straw. Not to be confused with hay. I get it at the feed store in Burien. They also sell bales at Walt’s Organic Fertilizer Co. in Ballard. It’s a great mulch as it keeps in moisture and is suppose to suppress weeds. The straw I use sometimes has weed seeds in it. I have yet to find any straw that is guaranteed weed seed free, at either Walt’s or the Burien Feed store. I just pull out the grass as it grows. It’s usually not a lot.

      1. Thanks! It has been more than a bit overwhelming to start out, but your blog and the books that you’ve suggested help a lot. : )

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