Matt’s Birthday Negroni #4

Since Matt and I live together (and have for over fifteen years), I have never been able to make him anything as a surprise. A well timed sewing weekend at Maker’s Hideaway finally gave me the the opportunity to do so!

Photo of front of a Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt



Colette Patterns Negroni

Photo of back of a Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt


Wool flannel shirting fabric from the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store in Milwaukie, Oregon

I bought this fabric when I was down there for Portland Frocktails in 2019. My friend Kassi was still living there then and took me to all of her favorite fabric stores in the area. Pendleton fabric is very nice but notoriously expensive, so I was saving it until I could figure out how to hack the Colette Negroni to have a collar stand (Matt’s request), which I did for the last Negroni I made. It only took me a few more years after that to finally cut into it. 

This fabric is so beautiful though. It made sewing with it such a joy. It pressed pretty well and I love the way the gray topstitching and the buttons look with it.

Close up of pocket on a Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt

Size traced and sewn

Version 1
Size large


I used all of the same pattern pieces from Negroni #3. I didn’t make any additional adjustments although I meant to shorten the sleeves a bit and then totally forgot… again.

Close up of sleeve placket of a Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt

Construction Notes

Since this is a hacked version of the Colette Negroni using the Grainline Studio Archer Button Up, I use both patterns instructions for the construction. I forgot to bring the instructions for the Archer Button Up with me to the sewing retreat, so that made things interesting. Luckily, there is a sew along for the Archer Button Up on the Grainline blog, so I was able to piece it together, but it was still a bit confusing as to when to use the Archer instruction and when to use the Negroni instructions. Mistakes were made, but nothing unfixable. I think the construction of this hack is primarily the way it is done in the Archer instructions except the sleeve placket is still the Negroni placket. That is an important step to follow in the original instructions, since the construction is very different than the Archer placket and requires some very particular folding and cutting.

    Close up of sleeve placket of a Colette Patterns Negroni Shirt

    I have made four of these shirts for Matt now, two of which have his preferred collar stand. I’m sure he’ll get another shirt eventually, but since he seems pretty well stocked on handmade shirts now, I think maybe it’s time I make him something else. He has started wearing jeans more recently, so maybe one of the Thread Theory jeans patterns. Either the Fulford or the Quadra. Does anyone have any experience with either of those  patterns and recommend one over the other? Or another men’s jean pattern? Or any other great menswear or unisex patterns? Let me know in the comments if you do and thanks for reading!

    One thought on “Matt’s Birthday Negroni #4

    1. Lilly, your attention to the details is astounding! I love the way the plaid makes a perfect “x” across the pockets. It’s all lined up to perfection. I think it’s better than a Pendleton!

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