Matt’s apron

follow link Matt’s been asking me to make him an apron ever since he bought me my sewing machine (last Christmas). Everytime I finish a project, he says, “Are you going to make me my apron next?”.  I have been making stuff for myself… and everyone besides Matt. Once I finished Declan’s hat, I knew I better put Matt’s apron in the queue next or I’d never hear the end of it.

follow Here is Matt, in his apron, doing "blue steel". The pattern is Kwik Sew 3247. The way this apron is constructed, the neckband and waist ties are all one piece that feeds through a casing on the sides, making the neckband adjustable. This is nice, but since the neckband and waist ties are all one piece, having to turn that long, thin piece of fabric inside out took longer than I would have liked. Also, the neckband gets easily twist up inside the casing. Next time, I’ll probably construct the neckband and waist ties separately and find another way to sew them and make the neckband adjustable. There has to be a better, faster way.

source Matt pretty much designed this apron. He said he wanted it to be camo print, so I went and found some camo print fabric in the sale section of Pacific Fabrics. He also said he wanted it say “Blambo”. Long story short, the apron he’s been wearing was a freebie with an Emiril Legasse All Clad pot and pan set, I bought awhile back. It has Emeril’s catch phrase “Bam” on it. Matt has all sorts of crazy ideas, so I don’t always ask for much clarification on things. I am just assuming, he wants his catch phrase to be “Blambo”.

go At first I thought I might silkscreen the word Blambo on the apron, but I don’t own the supplies for silkscreening, so I would have had to invest in that and made the space to do it. Clean up the basement? No thanks, not right now, I’ll put that off a little longer. So… since I’ve been wanting to give embroidering a whirl, and since I found the Heavy Metal letter set on Sublime Stitching, embroidering seemed like the best option.

Buy Diazepam China Plus, if you know Matt, you know how much he loves wiener dogs (I think just because he likes to say the word wiener, but he won’t admit that). Sublime Stitching also has a pattern called Darling Dachshunds. Perfect.

click here So now Matt has his apron and he has his wiener dog. He should be happy now. Now he can get cooking, right?

2 thoughts on “Matt’s apron

  1. follow I didn’t know a garment could be more ‘Matt’ than olive cargo pants. But there you have it folks. His very own heavy metal text wiener dog infused camo apron. Love it 🙂

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