Completed: Plaid Wool Oslo Cardigan When I was in NY last fall, I got to visit Mood Fabrics. I made sure to walk up and down every aisle of all three floors so that I at least saw the whole place, but I was so overwhelmed that I only bought one thing. I did pay the wool section a second visit, because I love plaid and was totally enthralled with their selection of plaid wool. They even have a whole section devoted to wool boucle, which at the time I’d never even heard of. One touch and I knew it would be great fabric for an Oslo Cardigan. I didn’t end up with any of the wool that day (the one thing I bought was a quilted gray knit), but I did order some swatches when I got home and was able to land on a nice black and white plaid wool boucle. oslo_cardigan-028

Order Ambien Online Cheap Pattern- Seamwork Oslo Cardigan Fabric- Black and White Checked Wool Boucle from Mood Fabrics The only other time I have bought fabric online was a vintage fabric through Etsy, so this was basically my first time. Having been to Mood and seen what was available there, it made me more comfortable buying it online. With the option to get swatches, you really can’t lose (you just have to be patient enough to wait for the swatches). I still like to support my local shops, but it’s nice to have Mood as an option for things I can’t find in town, like this wool boucle. Mood seems to do hefty cuts too. The two pieces of fabric I have bought from them seem to be more than what I needed, so that’s a bonus! I’d never worked with wool boucle before, but thanks to an Instagram conversation, I was forewarned of its fraying tendencies. I worked gently and quickly with it and sewed it all on a serger, so it wasn’t too bad. oslo_cardigan-007

I placed the buttons according to the button guide in the pattern, but I’m not loving where they are. It feels like they should be higher, but I think you would have to play with the placement or add another row of buttons so they didn’t look to low. I have been wearing this open most of the time anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.

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Alterations- Cut a size Medium, no alterations. Fit- It’s meant to be loose and slouchy, so the fit is fine. The sleeve cuffs are the tiniest bit tight, but the shoulders are supposed to be dropped, so if I pull them down they are fine. Notes- I do wish it had pockets and have extra fabric, so I could easily still add some. Total time to make- 7.5 hrs (includes tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric, which took longer because of the plaid).

Ambien Online Buy Outfit details- pictured with Lark Tee and Ginger Jeans

Inspiration– I always try to look at other people’s versions of patterns to get inspiration. Surprisingly, besides the plaid version on the pattern directions, there weren’t a lot of plaid versions online. I did find this one on Instagram that I really liked. There’s something about the design of this pattern that is a little bathrobe-like, which is probably why Oh, She Dabbles made a version that actually was a bathrobe.

A photo posted by @shedabbles on

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This was a quick and FREE pattern (with a Seamwork Magazine subscription) and is super comfy, so I ain’t complaining. It would make a great wardrobe staple in a solid colored sweater knit, so I will probably make it again! Here are a couple of bonus out-take photos, which I sometimes like the best! oslo_cardigan-023



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    1. Cool! What kind of fabric did you order? If it’s similar at all the wool boucle I used, I would recommend using fray check on all the raw edges. I have been wearing this a lot and it keeps ripping at the armholes. It’s an easy fix, but could have been prevented if I had just used fray check in the first place. Good luck!

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