Blithe Bazaar Recap I just wanted to post a few photos from the Blithe Bazaar, that was a couple of weekends ago. Flower and I shared a table again and once again I sold almost everything I brought. Okay, I didn’t bring a ton of stuff, but it is encouraging nonetheless. It was so busy, that I didn’t have a chance to take many pictures until later in the evening, so I never got a good one of the table when it was all full. Not a bad problem to have though. However, I did get a picture of myself this time. Thanks Scotty!

Buy Xanax 3Mg blithe_bazaar_2013-004

go to link Flower has been working on these cute little yarn pom-poms lately and made a garland for our table. I thought that was a nice touch. blithe_bazaar_2013-017

follow site Flower also had a new product this time, perfume! She has created six scents so far and they all smell amazing. I bought numbers four and five, because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. Number four is a little more citrusy smelling and five is a little more musky. I have been alternating wearing these, because I still can’t decide which one I like better. This is coming from someone who is not a perfume wearer (save for the essential oils I was fond of as a teen). While these perfumes are made with essential oils, they are combined with organic grain alcohol, so they are more subtle than a pure essential oil, which I like. It’s also the way she has combined different essential oils, ones I wouldn’t have even thought to combine (like coffee, bergamot, allspice and fennel), that make them so unique. I really think she is on to something here.

And look how cute her packaging is!

Buy Diazepam Sleeping Tablets Below is a photo of my side of the table, after I had already sold a bunch of stuff. I did have a bunch of oven mitts in blue, but those sold out first. By the end of the night, I would have sold all the pillows and only have one oven mitt set and a few napkin sets left. Not bad! blithe_bazaar_2013-012

follow Below is how crowded it was. blithe_bazaar_2013-015 Some friends and family came to visit…

go here blithe_bazaar_2013-001 blithe_bazaar_2013-006

Declan likes my oven mitt!

Buy 20 Mg Valium I didn’t get to interact with the other vendors as much this time, which was a bummer, but I also didn’t buy as much stuff from them this time, which was good for me. I am saving up for a special little treat, that I will unveil later.

Buy Valium Bulk Uk I did buy a Monchhichi from Cattywampus Kids for $10. That’s right, I bought a Monchhichi… for myself. Their booth was like a blast from my childhood past; Tonka trucks, Cabbage Patch Kids, Vintage Fisher Price toys, and it is all in really great shape for good prices. I highly recommend checking them out. You just might want to buy something for yourself… or the child in your life. Either way, I won’t judge. I just love craft sales at Center Studio.  They are always a good time. Thanks again Lonjina!

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  1. enter Looks like you had a good sale and you and your booth partner both look adorable! I really like your little pom-pom garland on the table. I’m hoping to do some more craft fairs in the coming year and I may borrow your idea!

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