Every year I find myself elbow deep in greens. Early this year I planted four varieties of lettuce, two of them mustard greens. After many an inventive salad, it dawned on me: Could I ferment my greens? Lilly blessed me with an amazing crock so I have been doing quite a few ferments lately. Not only is fermented food delicious, it is wildly nutritious! If you would like to learn more about fermenting and why it is so life changing,… Read more »

We are so fortunate in Seattle to have a wonderful array of urban parks, where just a jaunt across town can immerse you into a natural setting that makes you feel a million miles away from the city. With the tip off of a friend, we found ourselves at one of these parks on a beautiful Spring day, foraging for Nettles. I recently acquired the book Hunt Gather Cook by Hank Shaw and it has opened up a world of… Read more »

Change is good,change is good, change is good, ohm…… this has become my new mantra. I have to touch back on this thought often these days. There are big things on the horizon for me. You see, I just sold my house. I purchased it six years ago and dove head first into the garden. I ripped up large portions of lawn, put in raised beds, and for the past six years have been growing (and killing) plants with glee!… Read more »

We have talked for years about making Psanky (otherwise known as Ukranian) eggs. This year we finally did it! If you have not heard of Psanky, it is the craft of layering wax onto eggs,  often in intricate designs. After each layer of wax the egg is dipped into dye baths. Each layer of wax and color builds up to create what is sometimes a fantastic design! Our friend Sarah was a motivating force behind this event as she has… Read more »

Introducing… Flower! Yes, I have a very good friend named Flower, it’s no joke. Funny story: One time, at a bar, we were asked our names by a couple of guys. When we said “Flower and Lilly”, they thought we were giving them fake names. Anyway, I think it is very appropriate that Flower is now becoming a regular contributor on Rake and Make! Not just because she has a cool botanical name like me, but because she is one… Read more »