Remembering my Mother I don’t even know how to write about this right now, but my dear mother passed away last Friday, after a two-year battle with liver disease. Words can’t really express the grief I am feeling right now, but one thing that has been giving me comfort is a photo album that my mother made for me, several years ago.

my mom and me

go to link She made one for each of her three daughters, of which I am the youngest. The album is very telling, as it’s full of photos of the people she loved and the places and events that were important to her. There are photos of all of the houses we lived in, places she and my father travelled to and our graduations. You can tell by the abundance of photos of my father and my sisters and I, that she loved us all very much. allofus There are pictures of my father, from when he was very young to more recent ones (they met when they were fourteen).

see mom_and_dad-1

follow link There’s a roller derby postcard I gave her, which shows that she was proud of me, and one of me with dreadlocks, cuddling into her. See, she loved me dreadlocks and all. mom_and_me I’m totally gutted right now and still trying to sort through all of this, but when I picture my mom lovingly putting these albums together for us, it gives me comfort. I wonder if she knew she was creating such a treasure. It will always be a reminder of her amazing life and love for her family. Thank you Mom, for everything. I will miss you always.


17 thoughts on “Remembering my Mother

  1. Order Xanax I only just just just started following your blog (maybe last week?), but oh my dear, I am so sorry that you’ve lost your mom. That album will help you in your grief time and again, I’m sure. I found a stack of my grandparent’s wartime love letters, and reading them slowly over the last few years since they’ve both been gone has given me so much comfort and made me feel close to them (though I’m sure grieving for grandparents can’t compare to the loss of a parent.) Anyway, take care of yourself and receive these good vibes from a stranger on the internet 🙂

    1. source url Thanks Christa. I am glad that, as a first time reader, this post did not scare you away. I’m happy it didn’t, because your words and story were comforting. I appreciate it. Thank you!

  2. go to site Lilly, my thoughts are with you. This album is such a lovely keepsake and your are blessed to have it to look at and for it’s ability to trigger such great memories!

  3. Buy Roche Diazepam Online Lilly,
    Been thinking of you lots lately after I read about your loss. A hospital isn’t the most ideal meeting place, but I am forever glad it happened. You’ve been inspiring me left and right with everything on your blog; I can’t wait to fix up my tomatoes for good growing, and friends are so getting cloth napkins for Christmas! Sending you hugs and thanks, Rachel

    1. go Rachel, so good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, that was weird running into you at the hospital like that, but it was nice. Your mom is super lovely too. I have your email address now and am going to use it!

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