We got the photos from our amazing wedding photographer, Amy Kiel, so I can finally share my wedding dress with you guys! The first few photos I took in my studio on my dress form, but the rest are by Amy. There are posts about the planning and fitting (here and here) of this dress, if you want to read about that, but this post is mostly just pictures, and some details about the construction, of the dress. The Details- Pattern- Victory Patterns Ava Main Fabric-… Read more »

It’s hard to believe that it has been over a year already since Matt and I got engaged. It felt like we had so much time to plan the wedding and somehow, suddenly, it’s only 9 weeks away! We are doing pretty well planning-wise. We were able to get the big things nailed down back in March, while we were in Vermont, like the catering and the tent. The rest of it we have been able to work on from… Read more »

Construction of my wedding dress is underway and I have completed my first muslin! The pattern is the Victory Patterns Ava and I am very happy with how the fitting is going so far. Fitting the Muslin-  Based on the finished measurements for this pattern, I started by tracing a size 8 at the shoulders. Then, starting at the armpits, I graded the pattern from a size 8 to a size 10, so that from the waist down the pattern was traced as a size 10. I’m… Read more »

I keep getting asked how the wedding dress is coming and there has been progress. I have the pattern and the fabric now! The Pattern- Based on what I had said I was looking for, in my post announcing my engagement and that I was making my  own wedding dress, a reader suggested the Victory Patterns Ava. It did seem quite perfect. It had all the elements I wanted and didn’t seem to be outside of my skill level, so I ordered… Read more »

I have been sitting on some exciting news for over a month now, but it’s time to announce that Matt and I have gotten engaged! He proposed in the most amazing and perfect way, in my garden, at dusk, with a ring attached to a garden gnome. It was a beautiful Friday evening and he lured me out to the garden, under the guise of picking snap peas for a salad. He even had champagne hidden behind one of the… Read more »